Prezi: The Animated Presentation Creator

After attending this year's MACUL Technology Conference, one presentation tool stood out.  Prezi is a Web-based alternative to PowerPoint.  Yesterday I got a chance to create my first Prezi. As we all know, PowerPoint has been used in education for many years, but education was not its inteded use.  It was created to be used in business presentations.  Prezi has a format that is more user-friendly and (better yet) educational friendly.  You can easily create "Frames" which allow you to group like objects (text blocks as well as images) and when you're done, you can:
  • Share the Prezi with someone else, allowing them to edit it or just watch it,
  • Include a public Web link that can reside on your classroom Web site or blog,
  • Embed the Prezi on your classroom Web site or blog (like I did below),
  • Download the Prezi and show it without an Internet connection.  It can be stored on a DVD or USB Flash drive, for instance.
Here is the public link to the Prezi below: 

The Prezi site is very user-friendly, and the 3-minute video located on the "Learn" site is all you need to watch.  There you will also find a printable Prezi Guide, as well as other more advanced videos.  

Another place you should definitely check out is the Showcase where many popular public prezis reside.  This is a nice collection and it shows you many effective ways this powerful presentation tool can be used.

I encourage you to dive in and get your feet wet.  Create an account at and start creating presentations in a different way.  You may never find yourself going back to PowerPoint again. 


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