7 Ways To Make Use Of Evernote

Wow.  How did we exist without Evernote?  Well, if you're still not using this nifty online note-taking service, you're really missing out.  The good folks at MakeUseOf.com (my current favorite Web site) have put together 7 Ways to Make Use of Evernote and its phenomenal note-organization tools.  See if you can take advantage of some, if not all seven, of these great uses.  Personally, I'm about ready to start paying for this service.  It's that good!

7 Ways To Make Use Of Evernote

A companion article that goes perfectly with this one, and which also appeared on MakeUseOf.com is "6 Ways to Add Your Information to Evernote."  Between these two great articles, you will become an avid, knowledgable Evernote user in no time.

For additional Evernote articles on MUO, click here.


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