TechTutor.TV: Free Software Video Tutorials

Free, high-quality software tutorials are easier to find than they once were, but the quality varies greatly from site to site, from pretty good to downright horrible.  That said, TechTutor.TV is not messing around.  Their tutorials are downright excellent, and very much free to everyone.  I found the site purely by accident when looking for a particular Photoshop CS3 tutorial.  Currently, video tutorials on TechTutor.TV include such highly-useful topics as Word, Excel and Publisher 2007, all of the Adobe CS3 applications, OpenOffice Impress and Calc, Paint.Net, as well as Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

Although they are about one version behind in each software application, the tips and tutorials are first-rate, showing a wide variety of excellent skills.  You just can't beat the price, considering how much you can get without having to subscribe to an online service or buy a training DVD.  Check out TechTutor.TV and bask in its wonderful content. 


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