GreenCine: Better Than Netflix? At Least an Alternative

For the film buffs out there like me, I have found an alternative to Netflix.  True, Netflix has abandoned their latest stupid idea: to create a separate site for DVD rentals apart from their streaming site.  Quikster won't happen, thank heaven.  But, what if you're just having trouble finding what you're looking for on Netflix?  For instance, I am still a big DVD collector and I am particular about which edition of each movie I watch.  Netflix just doesn't always have what I'm looking for: 2-Disc sets, some Criterion editions, out-of-print titles, etc.  So, I did a search one night to find an alternative that I could subscribe to (maybe 1-2 titles out at a time).  I found exactly what I was looking for in  This review does an excellent job of describing GreenCine.  The site/service has been around for at least seven years and counting, and is enough like Netflix that a new user won't have too much to learn, and it fills needs that Netflix doesn't fulfill, such as actually teaching you new things about film. 

The writing is good, the community is knowledgeable, and although the turnaround time from West coast to East coast is slow, GreenCine is worth trying - especially if you're unable to find all of the rarer movies that Netflix just doesn't carry.  I'm experimenting with a one-DVD-at-a-time membership, and so far I'm pretty happy.  I've found four DVDs this month that Netflix doesn't carry: 4 of which were Criterions in pristine condition.  So, at the very least, try GreenCine as an alternative to Netflix.  Let me know what you think. 


  1. Hi Mark, thanks so much for the kind words. We're happy to have you as a member! You really nailed it in this post what makes us different from the rest. - Maian, General Manager

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