10 Things I Like about PowerPoint 2010

Our school district has picked this year to upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2010.  After a week of using the new PowerPoint 2010, here are my favorite features and/or improvements over previous versions: 

1.  Broadcast your slideshow from a shared link (under File>>Save & Send>>Broadcast Slideshow, or Slideshow>>Broadcast Slideshow).  The link apparently does not require a log-in to view.

2.  Save a slideshow as a Windows Media Video.  Send out the video by e-mail or any other method of sharing.

3.  Videos are now embedded instead of just linked files, so you don't lose your video if you share it with someone.  Each video has playback controls within the slide.

4.  There are now only 9 New Slide layouts instead of 20 or more.  The Content layout has placeholders for 6 different kinds of inserts, including SmartArt, ClipArt, Picture, Table, Chart and Video.

5.  You can save files directly to your Windows Live SkyDrive account under File>>Save & Send>>Save to Web.

6.  All Animations & Effects can now be done from one Animations tab on the Ribbon (instead of the right side).  

7.  There are now 40 different slide designs to choose from.  

8.  Animation Effects and Transitions are much flashier than in previous versions.  

9.  Transitions are now found in a Transitions Tab on the Ribbon. 

10. There is now a button on the Ribbon under the Slide Show tab for "From Beginning" and "From Current Slide." 
Feel free to share your own with us.   


  1. Well said Mark. I have been using Apple's Keynote for several years due to the ease of graphic use and design.

    PP 2010 is no longer that clunky monster it was known to be, instead it now has some very creative effects as you have listed.

    As the race to the cloud warms up, I am glad to see Microsoft getting in on the ground floor by offering direct PP uploads to SkyDrive with a 25GB storage cap.

    Thanks for the 10 points Mark!

    Greg West
    APCUG Advisor, Region 6 and International


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