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Being the huge movie snob/geek/collector/buff/follower/connoisseur that I am, I actually took the time to search out the best social network where people like myself might like to hang out.  Of course there are the message boards at IMDB, but I wanted to find a community that offered such things as chat, message boards, the ability to upload photos, share videos, and that also had news articles about the movie industry, lots of humor and gave you the ability to say and post just about anything you wanted to.  I found all of this at Jo Blo's MovieFanCentral and since joining back in November of 2011, I have become quite addicted to the site. 

For those who don't know, the JoBlo site started back in 1998, and today the JoBlo Movie Network has thousands of loyal and avid followers.  MovieFanCentral is just a piece of the pie which includes Digital Dorm, Arrow in the Head, Movie Hotties, JoBlo Videos, and Pimpin' Poster Palace.  MovieFanCentral is merely the gathering place, or social network aspect of the site.  You will never get bored with JoBlo, since there is so much to read, see and do on the site.  He knows that movie fans are a multi-media-driven, list-making lot, so the site offers anyone registered (free) to make lists (some of which are very creative!), upload videos, share Web links, post their DVD collection and write movie reviews.  During my holiday break, I found a lot to do on the site, and the time passed very quickly.  

As far as criticism of MovieFanCentral goes, new members might find that the site caters to a younger male-dominated membership, although there are some pretty prolific female contributors, too.  The amount of scantily-clad pics of women uploaded daily and posted to the site is never-ending.  This may be a turn-off for some people unfamiliar with this community, particularly any potential female members.  A few other negative traits (or positives, depending on your perspective) of the site are its overall lack of censorship and its younger demographic.  There is no denying though that JoBlo knows its audience very well, and its devoted staff contributes fresh material every day.

The average age of MFC's members seems to range anywhere from 14 to just under 50, with the majority being males in their 20s.  Members can pretty much post and say anything they want.  The result is a constant barrage of the F-word and all of its variations.  If this offends you, I'd recommend that you try a different online movie community that is older and much more mature: MUBIMUBI, formerly known as The Auteurs, is also a great network for film lovers, but notice how I call it "film" vs. MovieFanCentral, which I call a "movie" site.  That is essentially the difference.  MUBI is far more serious, doesn't have all of the vulgar language, and caters to a very serious film-loving audience whose primary interest is foreign and independent cinema.  I plan to devote a post to MUBI in the upcoming weeks, offering a nice contrast between the two sites.  Here I just wanted to focus on MovieFanCentral and what it has to offer.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  I plan to continue contributing to the site's boards in 2012 and having a lot of fun there.


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