Great Educational Web Tools: Wordle & SimpleK12

I have been a collector of Web Tools & Web Resources for quite a while now, and have been meaning to create my own list of favorites. This is one of the tools that keeps coming back and teachers recommend it repeatedly to each other.  While I'm at it, I'd also like to give a mention to one of my favorite online tech resources. 

For those unfamiliar, Wordle is a tool that can serve the following functions in a classroom: 
  1. Brainstorming Tool 
  2. Improve Classroom Participation in Students 
  3. Turn Words into Graphic Communication 
  4. Get Kids Thinking about Words 
  5. Increase and Improve Vocabulary Skills.
The list could go on, but that's a start. I belong to the Teacher Learning Community, or SimpleK12.  Last year I won a vacation in Big Sky, Montana as a result of entering one of their online contests.  SimpleK12 is one of the best collections of EdTech resources you will find on the Web. Their continual webinars are second to none, and their blog is very helpful indeed.  Just take a look.

Below is a sample video from their blog, showing exactly what Wordle is and how to use it. 


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