How To Take Control of Your Personal Finances

Jill Duffy writes some excellent articles for PCMag and this week she wrote a particularly relevant article that fit right in with the presentation I gave on "Tech Tools to Organize Your Life."  Her article is called "Get Organized: How to Take Control of Your Personal Finances." 

The whole process of doing a spending log and how that helps you create a budget, and then using such great online resources as to link to all of your accounts is so helpful.  It's all about being organized, and it's not too late to grab hold of all of it with the use of technology to guide you.  I'd be curious to know which of these tools has helped you and what your go-to apps are for managing your finances. 


  1. Proof that Europe is sucking PPX dry, and begs the question who the hell would buy that part of the business. Smell the coffee.............


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