Adding Sound to Your Prezi

It has been a long time coming, but users of Prezi finally have reason to rejoice.  The popular online presentation tool was missing one important piece in its feature set...namely, sound.  Users could not insert any type of audio into a presentation unless it came directly within a movie clip.  This ruled out WAVs, MP3s and any other type of specific audio clips unless they were converted into a movie file.  I personally found this to be a big inconvenience, so I actually stopped using it altogether last year. 

Now, word is out that Prezi has added audio to its interface.  In fact, you can add audio to a specific path point or as background for your entire presentation.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to do this.  How to add and remove audio from specific path points (quite important) is included.

These newly-added audio features just might make Prezi worth re-visiting, especially for those of us like me who had abandoned it. 

For Prezi fans, as well as anyone new to Prezi, here is a nice list of How-Tos and the online manual.


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