How to Really Speed Up Your PC (And Avoid PC Cleanup Scams)

Those who know me already know that I have run a computer repair business out of my home for about 10 years now.  Most of the "repairs" I do are still virus removal jobs.  But people usually don't like to pay to have viruses removed from their computer.  They feel that there must be an easy way to just speed up their computer using an online or quickly-purchase tool off the Internet.  Sometimes tools like this just pop up offering to fix problems easily for about $39.99.  One of my favorite tech resources, the How-To Geek, recently wrote an article found here which explains why these PC Cleanup tools are scams, and went on to offer real, legit ways to fix your computer on your own.  I don't mind sharing this tip because I'd like to add more free time to my evening schedule, and I believe this will help me to do that.  


  1. He accepts cash credit or check though credit will charge him a bit extra (not you) so if you feel he was a great help you should do him a favor and pay in cash. :) Ageeko


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