Ninite Simplifies Your Software Installing and Updating

Are you tired of all of the core desktop applications including unneeded toolbars with every installation, even on updates?  Are you tired of having to click through every installation?  Don't you wish that applications were just simpler and quicker to install, and available from one location...almost buffet style?  Then you really need to check out  This simple site makes all of your basic computer application installs so much easier and more convenient. 
Install and update all of your programs at once.  Tick the check-boxes for all of the apps you want, click "Get Installer" and run it, and then run it again later.  Your installer will update apps to the latest versions.  If something is already up-to-date, Ninite will skip it.  It doesn't include any unnecessary toolbars, it doesn't require you to click through a lot of buttons.  It just installs updates automatically.  You download what ever application you had checked on the initial application list and it downloads only what you need for that particular program to work.  No extras.  It is really the best and most efficient method of installing the top applications for your desktop and laptop computers, and it's always up to date because Ninite has its own bots which do all of the work for you.   
If you need automation, there is Ninite Pro, which helps you manage apps on your entire network for just $20.00 per month on up to 100 machines.  It is licensed for business use, it is faster because of its download cache, and it works offline.  This is an option to look into if you need automation on a much wider scale.   
Ninite Updater is for home users who want to support Ninite. It watches your apps for updates automatically for $9.99/year.

The Ninite website is free for home use because these products pay the bills.  They just like saving you time.  So far I'm only using the site for downloads, but I can see myself moving to the Updater soon.


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