I like to use Techsmith's Camtasia Studio in many different ways.  This video was created to show teachers how to use the Epson remote control which came with the various Epson PowerLite projectors we have in our school district.  We have various models: the 83 the 85, the 95 and the 96.  So far, this remote control has worked with all of them. 

Teachers asked how you use each of the buttons and what they do.  So, I created this video to show them.  See what you think.  All of this was done with a hand-held camcorder on a tripod sitting on a table.  It never moved.  I then added the overlay of the remote and did all of the rest in the Camtasia editor.  Kind of a fun but time-consuming project, like all video projects are.  I hope it comes in handy. 


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