A Vimeo vs. YouTube Comparison/Contrast Article by TechSmith

 A Vimeo vs. YouTube Comparison/Contrast Article by TechSmith
I have been looking for a good head-to-head comparison between the two video uploading powerhouses: YouTube and Vimeo. While I may be partial to Vimeo in many ways, I often upload my video tutorials to directly to YouTube or Screencast.com and totally ignore Vimeo altogether. Why? Probably just laziness on my part, and because I know that many people have never even heard of Vimeo, much less go there to find videos, the way that they do liberally with YouTube, without even so much as a second thought. 

TechSmith, makers of my personal favorite screencasting software, Camtasia Studio, as well as SnagIt and Jing, put together this great comparison article. The article compares and contrasts Vimeo with YouTube and does so objectively. Ultimately, TechSmith has now made it very easy to upload finished screencast videos directly to both Vimeo and YouTube, as well as Google Drive for that matter, so they are not partial to any one product. The article, however, shows that Vimeo does have its advantages in more than one area. Read their findings to learn more. 


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