5 Useful Web Tools for the Summer Vacation

Working hard or hardly working? If you ask yourself this question and are not sure what the answer is, it’s time to take a break. The summer has started and we are all slowly getting ready for that deserved vacation. Before we go lay down on a beach somewhere, there are probably some things that we need to finish at work. When we leave for our vacation, we will still receive emails, meetings will be held and business will keep on rolling as usual. Luckily, there are some useful web tools that can help you wrap up all necessary tasks so you won't have to worry about anything. Here are five favorites.

1.    Google Drive

There is an expression - you shouldn't keep all your eggs in one basket. Well, with Google Drive it is actually quite the opposite. All you files should be in one place, easily accessible at your convenience. You can store documents, keep photos, songs, videos – anything. Also, it is more than useful since files can be reached from any device. When you go somewhere, your files are going with you. And you don't need to pay a ticket for them too, as the tool is free.

Task management tools like this have been here for some time, but their popularity has grown in the last few years. Todoist is perfect if you need to manage tasks and projects remotely. If you are on vacation or somewhere else offline, this tool lets you organize tasks in a manner that you find best suitable. Todoist is available for every platform, including web, desktop, mobile, add-ons and more. If you need to take your work to the beach, let it be with Todoist.

One neat tool that you will love for sure is Investintech’s PDF OCR Converter. Why, you ask? It can prepare you for the summer, as it can convert your scanned PDF documents to completely editable Word files. The features that set it apart from other PDF to Word tools are that it converts both scanned (image) and native PDFs to Word, there is no need to buy or install anything on your computer (no limitations), and all file sizes are supported. This is the PDF converter you've been looking for.

Don't get this tool confused with Google Drive. Google Keep is a basic note taking application. Maybe you didn't hear about it, but it's actually a great tool for writing and saving notes and lists. It connects with Google Drive, so it is perfect if you want to keep your photos or any text notes in one place. Everything is synchronized across all your devices, including the cloud. Now, that is really useful, don't you think?

Before going on summer vacation, you need a good trip planner. Search no more. Trip Hobo is the world’s largest platform for planning and creating your own itineraries. Also, you can use existing travel plans since it provides information for over 50,000 attractions to help users plan their trip. Planning is everything, so you should definitely check this tool.

With tools like these, you can rest assured that when your vacation arrives, you will be fully prepared. The only thing that is left for you is to pack and enjoy your holiday. Just don't get any sunburn. We didn't cover any tools for that.


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