Thursday, October 15, 2020

How to Schedule and Run Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences Through Zoom

The print tutorial below takes teachers step-by-step and shows how to run online parent-teacher conferences using Zoom. It does mention that the conference slots were scheduled using a 3rd-party tool. We use a feature of our SMS, "Skyward," but your school could have parents sign up for the conference slots using a tool like Google Calendar's "Appointment Slots" feature or a free online tool like Calendly or Signup Genius

Once the parents have signed up for appointment slots, the tutorial I made will show you screenshots on how to enable and manage the Waiting Room in Zoom so that the teacher can send a message to anyone waiting, letting them know approximately when the current conference session will end, and who is next on the list. I hope this helps you use Zoom for virtual parent-teacher conferences at a time when it is often best to stay at home and still get the essential jobs done.

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